Come Over

How to Conjugate Come Over

  • Infinitive: Come Over
  • Present Tense: Come Over/ Comes Over
  • -ing Form: Coming Over
  • Past Tense: Came Over
  • Past Participle: Come Over
Come Over is a non-separable phrasal verb and has 3 definitions.

Definitions of Come Over:

1. To make a visit.

Examples: My mother came over to visit earlier today.
Can you come over after work?

2. To move across from one side to another.

Examples: I told you to play on this side of the street. Come over here right now!
When Christopher Columbus had come over, he thought he found India.

3. To let an emotion or feeling affect you in a strong way.

Examples: A wave of jealousy came over him when he’d seen his girlfriend with her ex-boyfriend.
A feeling of hunger came over her because she hadn’t eaten all day.

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