Come Back

How to Conjugate Come Back

  • Infinitive: Come Back
  • Present Tense: Come Back/ Comes Back
  • -ing Form: Coming Back
  • Past Tense: Came Back
  • Past Participle: Come Back
Come Back is a non-separable phrasal verb and has 3 definitions.

Definitions of Come Back:

1. To return to a place.

Examples: Robbie hasn’t come back from the store yet.
Be sure to come straight back home after school today.

2. To become successful or popular again.
[Noun] {Comeback} Refers to someone or something that becomes successful or popular again.

Examples: The Seahawks are going to come back next season and win the championship again.
Remember when bell bottoms came back?
Mike Tyson failed to make a comeback in boxing after his stint in prison.

3. When a condition or problem occurs again.

Examples: If your fever keeps coming back, you should go to the doctor.
Ugh! My dandruff came back!

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