Come Across

How to Conjugate Come Across

  • Infinitive: Come Across
  • Present Tense: Come Across/ Comes Across
  • -ing Form: Coming Across
  • Past Tense: Came Across
  • Past Participle: Come Across
Come Across is a non-separable phrasal verb and has 3 definitions.

Definitions of Come Across:

1. The way other people perceive you.

Examples: You come across as the type of person who loves children.
He comes across like he is really smart, but he knows just about as much as the others.

2. To move from one side to the opposite side.

Examples: He came across town to check on us after the big storm hit.
Stay right there! I’m coming across to get you.

3. To find or see someone or something by chance.

Examples: I came across a word in the dictionary that I didn’t even know existed.
I came across an amazing leather jacket at the thrift store today.

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