Close Off

How to Conjugate Close Off

  • Infinitive: Close Off
  • Present Tense: Close Off/ Closes Off
  • -ing Form: Closing Off
  • Past Tense: Closed Off
  • Past Participle: Closed Off
Close Off is a separable phrasal verb and has 2 definitions.

Definitions of Close Off:

1. To block an entrance or pathway.
{Noun} Close Off – Refers to an area where people are prohibited from entering.

Examples: The city gave permission for Cameron Crowe to close off 20 blocks in Times Square during the filming of the movie “Vanilla Sky”.
The theater used the front row as a close off from the stage.

2. When a person keeps their true feelings to themselves, or doesn’t allow others to get to know them well.

Examples: The new girl hasn’t made any friends because she closes herself off by avoiding everyone.
He closed her off when he found out about her lies.

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