Call In

How to Conjugate Call In

  • Infinitive: Call In
  • Present Tense: Call In/ Calls In
  • -ing Form: Calling In
  • Past Tense: Called In
  • Past Participle: Called In
Call In is a non-separable phrasal verb and has 3 definitions.

Definitions of Call In:

1. TTo request that someone come and help.

Examples: The nurse called in the doctor as soon as the patient started having a seizure.
The FBI are called in when a situation turns federal.

2. To inform someone that you will not be in attendance.

Examples: Dave called in sick this morning, so let’s hope the computers don’t stop working.
Mr. Brass had been working at the office for five years, and never called in sick. I wonder what his secret is?

3. To call someone to give or get an update.

Examples: Mom said we can go hiking, but we must call in every hour, so she knows everything is okay.
Agatha’s boyfriend is the sweetest man. He calls in just to tell her he is thinking of her.

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