Bring Back

How to Conjugate Bring Back

  • Infinitive: Bring Back
  • Present Tense: Bring Back/ Brings Back
  • -ing Form: Bringing Back
  • Past Tense: Brought Back
  • Past Participle: Brought Back
Bring Back is a separable phrasal verb and has 4 definitions.

Definitions of Bring Back:

1. To return something you’ve borrowed.

Examples: I promised my dad I’d bring back his car by midnight.
Can you please bring me back my pen?

2. To cause to recall memories and emotions from the past.

Examples: Wow! Seeing Robbie again after many years brought back a lot of childhood memories.
This song brings back memories of our first road trip to California.

3. To bring something with you when you return from a place.

Examples: Myra brought some great souvenirs back from Mexico.
Honey, do you want me to bring you back anything from the store?

4. When something popular from the past is reintroduced in the present.

Examples: Wow! She brought it back with that Cindy Lauper hairstyle.
They should have never brought the Arsenio Hall Show back.

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