Break Out

How to Conjugate Break Out

  • Infinitive: Break Out
  • Present Tense: Break Out/ Breaks Out
  • -ing Form: Breaking Out
  • Past Tense: Broke Out
  • Past Participle: Broken Out
Break Out is a non-separable phrasal verb and has 3 definitions.

Definitions of Break Out:

1. To escape from a place, situation or way of life.
[Noun] {Breakout} A violent escape.

Examples: Tim had been wanting to break out of his boring routine for some time, so he enrolled in a martial arts and cooking class.
Alcatraz shut down after its reputation for being inescapable was shattered by three prisoners who broke out and were never found.
There was a breakout from a jail in Russia two weeks ago, and the prisoners are still at large.

2. When a disease, war, or fight starts.

Examples: If a war breaks out, the entire world will be doomed.
During the Occupy Movement, many fights broke out between the protestors and the police.

3. When something appears on your skin.

Examples: Mary used Sara’s make-up brush and broke out the next day.
Jim breaks out in a sweat whenever he speaks in public.

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