• English Modal Verb Video 3: May

    Continue to Learn about English modal verbs with our 3rd video in the series. This one is about using May. This modal verb can be used in a couple different ways. Learning to use this can add subtlety to your English, and make you sound more natural.

    Watch the video below to learn more about this modal verb, and then try the quiz below.

    Change the sentences below to add the word “may.”

    I will possibly go to school in Argentina.

    I would take an umbrella, it is probably going to rain.

    Can I have another hotdog please?

    In 100 years, there might be humans living on the moon.

    If I keep learning English, I will probably become fluent.

    Thanks! Contact us if you need help with the homework. You can watch our first modal verb video here, and a a second one on using the modal verb might here.