• English Listening Exercise: Will You Be Buying The iPad 2?

    Apple’s iPad 2 went on sale last week in the US. While similar in style to the original iPad, this version comes with two camera lenses, a Video Graphics Array (VGA) webcam (video with nice resolution) as well as HDMI capability (meaning you can now watch your iPad content on television as well).

    Will you be buying the iPad 2?


    It is an improvement on the previous model.

    It is lighter than the original.

    With two cameras, I can use it for web-conferences.

    It has improved multimedia features from the first iPad.

    I like that I can connect it to my flatscreen tv.

    I’m obsessed with latest gadgets.

    I think it is a versatile device.

    It will be a cool diversion for long trips.


    It’s too expensive for me.

    I already have the first iPad and that meets my needs.

    I don’t think all those extra features are necessary.


    I still don’t think the iPad has been perfected since it does not come yet with USB.

    Let’s watch a video about consumers waiting for the iPad 2 to go on sale in Boston and answer the questions that follow it.

    The first consumer asked about the iPad 2, Chris Francis, says he had two complaints about the original iPad. What were these?

    What does the second person asked, Paul Pezone, say is promising about the iPad 2, from his point of view?

    What does the first person in line hope from the iPad 2?

    Where did Whitney Conkling get her iPad 2?

    Apart from books, what else does Conkling hope to store on her iPad 2?

    What was different about this launch to other Apple launches?

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