• English Listening Exercise: How To Sleep Better

    Do you ever suffer from a lack of sleep? Today’s English Listening Exercise post is about how to get a better night’s sleep so that you can be more productive the next day. To begin, have a look at this video, which offers some tips on how to sleep better:


    English Listening Exercise: Vocabulary

    Now let’s do a vocabulary activity. Below there are 8 different words that were mentioned in the video. Can you link them to the correct definitions? Write your answers in the comment section, and we’ll respond!

    Now, select the correct word from above (with the help of the picture) to complete the sentences below.

    1. I often feel very ________________ in the morning, especially if I don’t have any coffee.

    2. Tuesdays are often the days where my ______________ is at its highest point.







    3. When I was younger, my parents used to _____________ in my bed sheets to make it more comfortable.







    English Listening Exercise: Gap Fill and Comprehension

    For the next part of the today’s lesson, we are going to go back to the video. Below are 6 questions with ideas from the video. Give it a go to see if you are a listening expert! As always, write your comments below so we can get back to you.

    1. Each year the average ________________ loses ________ days worth of productivity from lack of sleep.
    2. This sleepiness can lead to memory loss, ______________ concentrating and lack of ________________.
    3. Can you think of any negative affects that a lack of sleep has on you?
    4. The average adult needs between _________________ hours of sleep a night.
    5. The video gives 3 tips on how to sleep better. Can you name the 3 tips in the comment section below?
    6. What tips can you give to sleep better?

    English Listening Exercise: Summary

    I hope today’s class gave you some help on how to sleep better, in addition to strengthening your English listening skills. Getting a good night’s sleep is really important if you’re learning a new language, as it can help you learn faster and remember more. So, before you go to bed tonight, give these tips a try, and book a class here with LOI!


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