• English Conversation Classes: The Future of Education

    This week, we’re offering another English conversation class that will be free to our current students. The subject will be the present and future of education.

    The RSA Animate video below originally got us thinking about this subject. Some of the questions we would like to discuss are:

    What is good about the education system in your country?

    What is bad about it?

    How would you improve education in your country?

    How do you think technology, like Skype, will effect education in the future?

    What is the attitude toward education in your country? Do people like the education system? Are educators paid well enough?

    What is the purpose of education? Should it be focused on preparation for work, on creativity, on basics like reading, writing and math, or something else?

    What is the value of a good education?

    What has education done for you?

    Who is the best teacher you’ve ever had? What makes a good teacher?

    Watch the video below to help prepare you for the class. Click here to register.