• English Conversation Class: Politicians and Sex Scandals

    rep weiner daily showHello! We’re back after a 2-week hiatus from giving our group English conversation classes. In that time one of the funniest in a long history of high-profile sex scandals involving U.S. politicians has unfolded.

    In case you missed it, or something this silly didn’t make it to the news in your country, U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner was accused of sending photos of his weiner (yes, weiner is a synonym for penis in English) to a woman via Twitter. He at first denied doing it, saying his Twitter account had been hacked, but as more photos were released, he eventually admitted to the weiner tweet.

    Naturally, comedians in the U.S. had a great time with this story. Below is a clip from The Daily Show a popular (and totally hilarious) fake news program in the U.S. Click here if you’re interested in taking a class.

    It seems like there is a long history of politicians involved in scandals like these. Bill Clinton immediately comes to mind, and there is the ongoing investigation of the former French IMF chief.

    Some questions for thought before the class:

    Are politicians constantly being caught in sex scandals in your country?

    What is the funniest/worst one you are aware of?

    Why do you think this is always happening with politicians?

    How are scandals like this handled in your country?

    Do you think this is real news?

    What do you think should happen to politicians caught in sex scandals?