• English Conversation Class: Immigration and Emigration

    Last week’s topic for our group English conversation class about travel naturally led us to a conversation about immigration and emigration. They are complicated topics, with potentially different meanings to different people.

    For some, immigration immediately brings to mind illegal immigration. This isn’t just an issue between the U.S. and it’s neighbors to the south. When Teauna and I lived in Argentina, people were concerned about the illegal immigration of people from neighboring countries, such as Bolivia and Paraguay. While we lived in Argentina, we overstayed our visa by a few months, technically making us illegal immigrants for a short time.

    Both legal and illegal immigration bring a lot of issues. Whether you’re from the U.S., Argentina, or almost any other country, I suspect that there are people who blame illegal and legal immigrants for economic and social problems. There are others who argue that immigration has positive benefits, such as bringing in more workers, and new ideas and culture.

    Emigration is also  interesting. In some countries, people talk about brain drains, i.e., when the most intelligent people from a developing country flee for more developed countries at the first opportunity. In the America’s most people have a history of emigration in their background.

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    A few questions to think about for the class:

    • How have immigration and emigration affected you personally?
    • How have they affected your family’s history?
    • How does it affect your country? Your city?
    • Are immigrants treated fairly where you live?
    • Do you think immigration is good or bad for your country?
    • Would you ever emigrate to another country?

    Here is a humorous look at the illegal immigration issue from the U.S. satiric news show, The Colbert Report:

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    • Euzeli Santos Jr.

      Interesting text and discussion about immigration and emigration. I just believe that people who are against the immigration forgot who they are, they are also decedents of immigrants. For instance, in US, what’s the percentage of the real american people, maybe just the Indians could be considered as americans (real native people) …

      Think about that!