• English Classes with TED: Morgan Spurlock

    Most people know Morgan Spurlock for his popular documentary film, SupersizeMe, in which he spent 30 days eating nothing but McDonalds for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Since then Spurlock has done many interesting projects, and is now working on another film, The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, a documentary about branding, advertising and product placement that is, ironically, financed by brands, advertising and product placement.

    Morgan recently gave a TED talk about the making of the film, for which he sold the naming right to on Ebay. He spent some of the talk focusing on branding, but for most of it he talks about the difficulties of making the film, and his chief point seems to be that it is important to take risks in life. Below you’ll find the TED video, and some questions about the video. We are now regularly using these videos as part of my advanced English conversation classes. If you’d like to take a class, contact us.

    What unusual thing did he try to do with his TED Talk?
    What is your brand?
    What is his movie about?
    One of the men that Morgan presents the film idea to says that “When I first hear it, it  is the ________ _______ for an audience.”
    Another ask him, “Do you sort of know how ____ __ _____ __ ____ ___?”
    What happened when he turned the camera off after presenting the film to the men who said they could help him?
    What was the fatal flaw with his idea?
    What are the three sides to every story according to Morgan?
    What did he have to do?
    What word do they finally decide on to define Ban deodorant?
    What are each of the people’s brands?

    1. “I like really ____ _______.”
    2. 80s _______ meets _____ ____.”
    3. ______
    4. Dark _______
    5. A Classic ___________ Mercedes Benz
    6. Casual ___
    7. Part ______, part ____, part Brooklyn ____
    8. The ___ guy
    9. Fed __
    10. Failed ______ _________
    11. ______
    12. (Morgan) At the intersection between ____ _______ and ______ ___.

    What did he do next?
    What does the company tell him his brand is?
    What does this mean to you? “When you train your employees to be risk averse, then you’re preparing your whole company to be reward challenged.”

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