• English Classes for Children: Raising A Bilingual Child

    More and more people are opting to give their children a bilingual upbringing, often by supplementing their learning with English classes for children. In our series on raising children bilingually, let’s look at some of the advantages that this approach offers them.

    1. If you give children a multilingual environment you are increasing their opportunities and potential in terms of travel, study and work on an international level.

    2. Research has shown that bilingual children learn languages more easily than children who are raised in a single language environment. They learn to separate languages early and are also adept at picking up new vocabulary.

    3. This ability to look at language more objectively and from different perspectives allows children to develop their abstract and cognitive thinking tools. These enable them to solve problems in more creative ways, something which is valuable not only in academic and work environments, but in day-to-day life also.

    4. You are giving children a rich cultural experience in exposing them to the music, movies, literature, art and traditions of at least two countries.

    5. You are raising a more open-minded child. Studies have shown that children raised in a bilingual environment are more likely to be welcoming of other peoples and customs and diversity and are less likely to be prejudiced towards those of different backgrounds.

    Here is an example of an example of a bilingual song (English/Spanish) which young children find not only educational but fun.

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