• Einstein’s Miracle Year – An English Listening Exercise with TED

    Do you have big plans for this year? I do. Among them, I’m hoping to learn Mandarin Chinese. Do you need some inspiration for what you can accomplish in 2015? Check out this great TED video about 1905, Einstein’s miracle year.

    The video is also, of course, a listening exercise. After watching the video, see if you can answer the questions below.

    Answer the questions below in comments, and we’ll correct them.

    1. As 1905 _____, the ___ __ __ 26 year old Albert Einstein faced life as a ____ academic.

    2. Most physicists at the time would have _______ at the idea that this minor civil servant could have much to contribute to science.

    3. What does the word you added above mean?

    4. _____ ____ even for a lab assistant position, he had to _____ __ a job a the Swiss Patent Office.

    5. What do the phrasal verbs in the above sentence mean?

    6. Experiments soon confirmed Einstein’s model, and atomic skeptics ____ __ __ _____.

    7. What does the idiomatic expression above mean?

    8. The theory not only _______ our previous understanding of reality, but would also ____ ___ __ for technologies ranging from particle accelerators, to the Global Positioning System.

    9. What does the idiomatic expression above mean?

    10. Do you think it is possible for someone in your country to fail academically, but succeed professionally?

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