• Eating Lunch at Your Desk? Don’t! – English Listening Exercise

    Try this English listening exercise. Do you eat lunch at your desk at work? Is this only a thing in the United States? Watch this interesting and funny video about the SAD DESK LUNCH to learn about American office culture and some good vocabulary and idioms for the office. Also try the writing exercise about where you eat lunch. Until I started working from home I always ate lunch at my desk and it was often times lonely and depressing.

    English Business Vocabulary

    First lets review some of the vocabulary that you might hear while you are watching the video.

    Freak out-phrasal verb-You can get more detailed definition of freak out in our phrasal verb dictionary using the link but for today’s purposes the basic meaning is to panic.

    Job pressure-the amount of stress and responsibility that comes with a job. How much job pressure do you have?

    Lose job-this means that you have been fired or laid off from your job. Remember the difference between being fired and being laid off. Generally being fired means that you did something bad to cause your termination and being laid off means that most likely your company is having financial difficulties or restructuring.

    Barely qualified-to not have the correct qualifications for a job. Have you ever worked at a job you were barely qualified for?

    Binge watch-this is a new phenomenon due to Netflix and the ability to stream shoes but it means to watch too much television.


    English Listening Exercise

    1. Work is ______ in America.

    2. I don’t know what ________your job is _______ __ you.

    3. List some of the alternative locations he gives to eat lunch.

    4. If you feel ______ for taking a lunch away from your desk, raise awareness.

    5. It’s _____ like you’re working when you’re eating.

    6. We know, ___ ___ that social isolation and stress take years off of peoples’ lives.

    7. That means I can just go home and _____ watch t.v.

    English Writing Exercise

    How long is lunch break at your job? What do people do for their lunch? Where do they go to eat lunch? What is your opinion about the lunch break in your culture? Is it too long or too short?


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