• How is the dollar valued and manipulated?

    Business English Listening Exercise

    Has the price of the dollar made you wonder how prices for currencies are decided? It definitely made us curious, as we’ve watched our classes become more expensive for our students.

    Watch the video below to learn more about how currency is traded, and sometimes manipulated. Click here if you’d like to save some dollars on English classes this month with our February sale.


    Business English Listening Exericse

    Answer the questions below in comments, and we’ll respond.

    1. I could ______ them _______ into dollars at the going rate.

    2. What does going rate mean?

    3. Where the big guys go to trade is the site of some __________ shady dealings.

    4. How is the above word used in this sentence? Can you make a sentence using it in this form?

    5. How many currencies are there and how much changes hands?

    6. How is the foreign exchange market like New York?

    7. At what time and for how long does trading stop on the F-EX market?

    8. What have the traders in London been doing? What is the slang term for this?

    9. Who loses when this happens? Anyone who thinks they got a ______ _____.

    10. What does the above term mean?

    What do think the punishment for the banks and traders should be? How is your country’s currency?

    Click here for our business English idioms.

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