• How Dogs Drink – English Listening Exercise

    How do dogs drink? This is probably a question that has never bothered you, and you may even think that it doesn’t deserve any scientific study. But scientists did, in fact, study it. One of the most interesting finds was that dogs use up to 8 times the force of gravity to bring water into their mouths.

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    We’ve turned this short video about the science of drinking dogs into an English listening exercise. Watch the video below, then see if you can answer the questions.

    1. Watch how Ellie drinks. Pretty _____, ____?
    2. But _____ in a very ______ way.
    3. How Ellie drinks is actually an example of a ___ ____ ___ ____ ___ ___ ____ ___ ___ fluid.
    4. What else have the scientists studied?
    5. Then they decided, it’s time to ____ _ ___ __ dogs.
    6. They’re ___ ___ similar. _____ cats ___ dogs and ___ __ water the way people can.
    7. How do the scientists think this research will be used?
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