Group English Classes

LOI English offers two distinct group classes, Business League and Book Club. During these group classes led by LOI English teachers you’ll have the chance to speak, network, listen and learn from your classmates. The groups are small and intimate with a maximum of 5 students per teacher in each class.

In LOI Business League you’ll look at a variety of topics that you’ll find in the business world from closing sales to cultural differences in business. In the classes, you and your classmates will exchange authentic and meaningful discussion on business practices, strategies, challenges, and solutions.

You’ll have the opportunity to network with global classmates and you’ll practice your English skills. Your teacher will guide the discussions and provide positive corrective feedback.

In LOI Book Club you’ll have the chance to read and discuss a chosen book. During the lessons, you’ll have the opportunity to learn vocabulary, practice your speaking, and express your ideas. The teacher will guide the class, ask questions, and provide positive corrective feedback.


  • Practice English in small intimate group classes.
  • Classes include a diverse group of students from around the world.
  • You’ll have authentic English conversations.
  • Discussions will be lead by an LOI English teacher.
  • Vocabulary lists will be provided.


    • One Month of Group Classes

      One month of group English classes is just $59.99 USD, or $9.99 per class. Each class is lead by a native English speaking teacher, and has a maximum of 4 additional students.

      $59.99 PURCHASE