English Test Preparation

Preparing for tests is never easy. But with LOI English’s approach, you’ll be prepared for your English language exams and will even enjoy doing it. Our lessons are personalized to focus on what you need to learn to pass the exam.

Our exam preparation course will help you with your English speaking, grammar, vocabulary, and writing abilities. You’ll practice the speaking and listening sections in depth with your teacher, and work on exercises to improve your grammar and gap-fill.

378 LOI English students have received a TOEFL of 85+

598 LOI English students have scored more than a 4 on IELTS

643 LOI English students have passed their CAE exams!

We Offer Test Preparation for:

  • CAE
  • First Certificate
  • PET
  • CPE
  • GMAT
  • BCE
  • IAO



  • 10 Classes Package

    Interested in taking 10, 55-minute test preparation English classes? Schedule a first free class with LOI English and talk to the teacher about it. After that, you can arrange to take our 10-class test preparation English course.

    $229.90 PURCHASE