• A Changing Work Force: Listening Exercise

    This is an interesting video about the changing workforce in the United States. As we become a world economy, it shows how we will depend highly on immigrant workers. It shows how our economy and job force is changing in the United States and I think supports the idea of learning a new language to expand your opportunities in the world. Try the listening and writing exercise below:

    1. Think of the United States workforce as a _______ _____ _______.
    2. How many people are in the workforce in the US?
    3. But over the next two decades they will be leaving it in _______.
    4. What percentage of the US workforce will immigrants account for?
    5. Immigrants and their children helped _____ our railroads, _____ our cities, and _____ our information age.
    6. What business did Ricardo and Elizabeth start? Where are they from?

    Writing Exercise: How is the workforce in your country changing? Where will people be working over the next 20 years?

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