• Can Changing Your Motivation Change Your Progress?

    “Why do you want to learn English?

    That’s probably the most common, yet most important question you will ever be asked with regards to learning any language.

    When I ask students of LOI, the most common answers I get are: “I’m learning for work, for travel, for a test,etc.” or followed by: “I’ve been learning for years.” There’s always a sense of obligation, and ‘have-to’s’.

    Now that’s fair enough, and it’s important to have a specific goal in mind, and to take steps towards that goal. However, think about when you for example start a diet with the thought of: “I HAVE TO lose weight.” Just the sound of it is a heavy burden. Why not replace that thought with: ” I want to feel better. I want to be less stressed, and I want to be more confident.” Doesn’t that just sound more pleasant even to say to yourself?

    We can apply the same principle to learning English. Instead of: “I HAVE TO learn English for this, that and the other reason….” why not replace it with: ” I want to learn English to communicate, to put my thoughts into someone else’s head in a new way. I want to learn more about myself, and other people.”

    Learning any language is a journey, so why not enjoy it? If you’ve been learning for years, and feel you’ve hit a language plateau, take a good look at why you’re learning, and perhaps broaden your motivations.

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