• Business English: A Guide To Questions From A Potential Client

    client business englishSo, after many emails and telephone calls, your first face-to-face meeting with a potential Anglophone (English-speaking) client has arrived.

    This time there will be no dictionaries nor translators on hand to help out. What can you expect?

    Here is a guide to the questions a potential client might ask. For business English classes with native English speakers focusing on preparation for client meetings try scheduling a trial class with us.

    Your company and its reputation

    How long has your company been in business?

    How would you describe your reputation in your local market?

    What would be the advantage of using your services over those of the competition?

    Can you show me some examples of completed projects?

    What is your exportation experience?

    Work methods

    Do you use in-house or external designers?

    Do you use freelancers?

    Would you be using sub-contractors or outsourcing for any part of the project?

    What are the procedures you follow in terms of quality control?

    What is your monthly production/manufacturing turnover?

    Project Specific Questions

    What deadline can we set for this project?

    How often will be in contact during the course of the project?

    What percentage of the final budget do you expect upfront or in advance?

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