• What Brazilians Hate Hearing

    LOI English has many lessons that discuss cultural differences, from how they can affect our business negotiations to simple things like saying hello. Today I was discussing the cultural difference regarding age and independence. The typical age for someone in Spain to move out of the family house versus the United States and why this difference exists. When discussing cultural difference we often talk about stereotypes. Are all Americans fat? Are Spanish people lazy? Are Brazilians all supermodels? Are Germans always on time? Do Greeks really have huge weddings? Are the British cold and unwelcoming? Are Australians all drunk convicts? Are Argentineans all womanizers?

    This is a very funny video that talks about how Americans view Brazilians, or should I say how North Americans view South Americans;)

    1. Man, I thought you were just a regular white _______.
    2. List three misunderstandings that his colleagues have about his country?
    3. How did you ____ ____ all that violence?
    4. What did she watch to get the above question?
    5. What languages does his co-worker confuse?
    6. What animals does she hope he had as pets?
    7. What does he think is the capital of Brazil?

    What are some of the most pervasive stereotypes of people from your country? Why do these stereotypes exist?

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