• Advanced English Listening Exercises with The Big Bang Theory

    One of the hardest things to do when learning a new language is to understand a group of people who are native speakers talking together in a group. People interrupt each other, talk at the same time, talk more quickly, and even make grammatical errors. How do you prepare you English listening skills for this situation?

    Below are some English listening exercises that we think will help. It’s a video of the cast of The Big Bang Theory talking about the show and their characters. The conversation seems pretty natural, and there are lots of the aforementioned issues that can make group conversations difficult to understand. Below you’ll find the video, along with a list of the characters and their real live names, and a series of questions. If you’d like to take an English class using this video, contact us. First class is free!

    The cast, from left to right:

    Rajesh Koothrappali -Kunal Nayyar
    Howard Wolowitz -Simon Helberg
    Sheldon Cooper -Jim Parsons
    Penny -Kaley Cuoco
    Leonard Hofstadter – Johnny Galecki

    What does Kaley ask Simon to do for Kunal?

    What is the first thing Kaley says to Simon after Kunal opens the fortune cookie?

    Simon says that: “It was an interesting way to _____ ___ ___.”

    He says: It seemed like it would be ____ __ interesting and ____ but it was _______.

    What is Simon’s joke when he reads the fortune cookie?

    When Johnny reads the fortune cookie that asks Kaley a question (at about 4:20), what is here first response?

    What did her response mean?

    When everyone is responding to her initial answer, what does Jim (Sheldon) say?

    What different costumes has Kunal tried?

    What does Kunal say was the only thing that was not fun about the meteor shower episode?

    Why was this especially bad for Johnny?

    Kaley asks them what they would do if they weren’t actors. Below is the conversation between Jim and Simon:
    Jim: I _____ teach, _ _____ __ a teacher.
    Simon: _____ ____?
    Jim: Umm…
    Simon: ______?
    Jim: ____ _______.

    What is Johnny’s response to Kunal saying he wants to be a rapper?

    Fill in the blanks below, where Jim and Kaley talk about the episode where their characters hug. Some of the conversation is overlapping.

    I got so excited I ___ over to Jim and ___ ____ Sheldon ___ Penny, and what ___ we __? ____…
    Well I was _____, you _____… you _______ ____ _____ immediately, we’d _____ ____ ____ the script yet.
    I _____, I ___, I was so excited, because I _____ ____ __ __ __ ________.
    It was a _______ ____.
    And then I cried when __ ____ __.

    What is Jim’s grammatical mistake?

    What is Kaley’s?

    We hope you enjoyed these free English listening exercises. Please share them if you did!