• Adjectives to Pair with Your Wine

    For the past few weeks, Teauna has been teaching a student who is a boutique wine producer in Italy. She’s getting ready to come to the U.S. and begin selling her wines, so the topic of conversation in their classes has been, big surprise, wine.

    Talking about wine is interesting, because it brings up a lot of adjectives that are used in novel ways. I was thinking about that this week, and remembered the comedy Sideways, about two men on a road trip in California’s wine country.

    The clip below isn’t funny, but is uses some great adjectives to talk about wine. If you want a funnier clip from the movie, check this one out.

    Watch the video below, then try to answer the listening questions.

    Answer the questions in comments and we will give corrections.

    1. What adjectives does he used to describe the Pinot grape? What do you think these mean?
    2. How does he describe where Pinot grapes grow?
    3. Who does he say can grow Pinot?
    4. What adjectives does he use to describe the wine produced from Pinot grapes?
    5. What, if anything, do these tell you about it’s flavor?
    6. How did the woman in the scene become interested in wine?

    We hope that was a tasty listening exercise! If you want to learn more about English adjectives, go here. Also, as this exercise should point out, we can give very personalized English classes. Click here to learn more.

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