Come Down

Come Down

Infinitive: Come Down
Present Tense: Come Down/ Comes Down
-ing Form: Coming Down
Past Tense: Came Down
Past Participle: Come Down
It is a non-separable phrasal verb that can
be used in two ways
  1. 1

    To move from a higher to a lower position or from north to south.

    Can you come down and open the door?
    My friends are planning to come down and see me next month.

  2. 2

    To lower the price.

    I will buy a new smartphone when the prices come down.
    Ask the owner if he is willing to come down on the price of the car.

Come Down
  1. I was so happy when my cousins had _____ _____ to visit from New York.
  2. Roger invited me to ______ ______here to see his show.
  3. Most vendors will ______ _____ in price if you negotiate.
  4. Help! My cat won't ______ _____ from the tree!
  5. The rain is ______ _____ pretty hard.

Watch how the phrasal verb Come Down is being used in the video clip from the movie Beauty and the Beast

  1. Which meaning of the phrasal verb was used in the video?

Change the sentences above into questions, then change them into negatives.

  • Rafael Ferreira

    I was so happy when my cousins had come down to visit from New York.
    Roger invited me to come down here to see his show.
    Most vendors will come down in price if you negotiate.
    Help! My cat won’t come down from the tree!
    The rain is coming down pretty hard.

  • LOIEnglish


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