Beat Up

Beat Up

Infinitive: Beat Up
Present Tense: Beat Up/ Beats Up
-ing Form: Beating Up
Past Tense: Beat Up
Past Participle: Beaten Up
It is a separable phrasal verb that can
be used in two ways
  1. 1

    When someone punches, kicks, or hits someone repeatedly using fists or with an object.

    I got robbed last night, but at least they didn't beat me up.
    In some places, you can get beat up for going into the wrong neighborhood.

  2. 2

    Used as an adjective, beat up describes an object which is in bad condition due to overuse.

    The car looks so beat up, I doubt it will start.
    The tires look so beatup and worn out, I'm afraid it's gonna blow any moment.

Beat Up
  1. A man that ______ ___ a woman is not a real man, but a coward.
  2. Bullies tend to ______ ___ the small kids at school.
  3. Instead of _______ each other ___, why can't you guys just talk about it first?
  4. ________ him ____ won't solve the problem.

Listen for the phrasal verb Beat Up in the video clip from the movie The Town

  1. Write a sentence describing the scene using the phrasal verb.

Change the sentences above into questions, then change them into negatives.

  • A man that beats up a woman is not a real man, but a coward.

    Bullies kids tend to beat up the small kids at school.
    Instead of beating each other up, why can’t you guys just talk about it first?
    Beating him up won’t solve the problem.

  • LOIEnglish

    Joan there was a mistake in the second question. It should be Bullies tend to beat up the small kids at school.

  • Oh, yeah! Copy paste lapsus, haha! ­čÖé Thanks!

  • LOIEnglish

    Good! My phone is as well. I actually put it on top of my car and drove away, it fell off, someone drove over it and then I found it. It still works!

  • LOIEnglish

    For cooking we don’t use the phrasal verb, we only use the verb ‘to beat’ Beat the egg whites.

  • Massimiliano Berardi

    That’s incredible! I’d say it can be a good story line for a new brand phone advertising campaign. Wouldn’t you?

  • Massimiliano Berardi

    Fine, thanks

  • Satyanaam Bajpai

    MY phone look so beat up, it can be stop working anytime.

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