“The English classes offered by LOI English have helped me a lot in terms of pronunciation and understanding of English’s details, but the bottom line has been the improvement of my confidence. Since I have taken face to face classes via Skype, I’m able to speak with native speakers easier. I really believe that LOI English could help you, whatever your level and wherever you are.”
Prof. Euzeli Cipriano dos Santos Jr
Laboratório de Eletrônica Industrial e Acionamento de Máquinas – LEIAM
Departamento de Engenharia Elétrica – DEE
Universidade Federal de Campina Grande – UFCG


“I took classes from LOI English via Skype to help prepare me for a job interview that was in English. It was my first time taking classes via Skype. The classes were professional and fun, the hours were flexible, and I learned a lot. The classes were customized to my needs, so I was able to practice English that was very specific to my job interview with a native English speaker. My job interview went really well, and I got the job!”
Sergio Agüero
Services Engineer
Ericsson Finland


“Taking English classes via Skype helped me to make a breakthrough in my career at Colgate Palmolive. Before these classes I knew the basics of English… grammar, vocabulary, reading, etc. Taking classes with live native English speakers over Skype helped me to reach the next stage of English, allowing me to gain the confidence and fluent speaking ability that has helped me to advance in my career. The classes were fun, flexible and focused on my particular needs. I would recommend them to anyone.”
Flavio Coutrin
Brand Manager
Colgate Palmolive Brasil


“When I took my first English class by Skype, I was nervous about speaking, and it was hard for me to understand the teachers. I had never spoken to native English speakers before. Now, after almost 1 year of classes, I can understand native English speakers easily, and I can speak with confidence. The classes have been very interesting, and useful to me. “
Bruno Virtuoso
IT Planning and Control Analyst