Prices are for live, 1-on-1 Classes, with Native English Speakers via Skype, and Include All Materials.
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One Class

$24.99 USD
1 x 55 or 2 x 25 Minutes Buy Now

Ten Classes

$22.99 USD Per Class
10 x 55 or 20 x 25 Minutes Buy Now

Twenty Classes

$21.99 USD Per Class
20 x 55 or 40 x 25 Minutes Buy Now

Forty Classes

$19.99 USD Per Class
40 x 55 or 80 x 25 Minutes Buy Now

Personal Classes!

Our English classes are personal, so you can study conversation, business English, grammar, prepare for a job interview, travel English, or anything else you need.

Choose your day and time.

We allow you to choose the day and time of each class, and take classes as often as you want, even more than once per day!

Choose your teacher.

We allow you to choose your teacher for each class. You can always have the same teacher or you can try different ones, whatever is best for you!

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