What are Online English Courses?

How you can learn English with Online English Courses, and why LOI English is for You

There are a lot of companies out there offering online English courses. But, if you’re a potential student who has been researching the many websites that offer english courses online, you’ve probably discovered that the meaning of this term changes a lot, depending on which website you click on.

There are websites offering web-based software, websites with video lessons, or games, or just plain text lessons as online English courses. There are companies similar to LOI English that offer live courses. But these courses may not be with native English speakers, they may be in big groups, the courses may be with a group of people who want to learn English, but with no teacher. If there is a teacher, they might be forced to follow a script or strict lesson plan for each class in the course. You may have to select a specific day and time for each class, and you may not have a choice of teacher.

How are online English courses with LOI English different?

LOI English offers:

  • Live, 1-on-1 English courses with native English speakers.
  • An online scheduling system that allows you to choose the time, day and teacher of each class.
  • As many hours of class per day/week/month as you want.
  • Flexible classes that focus on what you want to learn and what you need to learn.
  • Professional, experienced teachers.

As you can see, our definition of an online English course is very different. We give you a real opportunity to invest in yourself. If you really need to learn English, we believe that the best way is to use it with real people in a real situation. We think the video below describes our perspective.

More Information

Our Teachers:

Besides being native English speakers, you’ll find that they are very experienced at teaching. We have teachers who have studied linguistics, have masters degrees in education, have taught in several countries around the world. They are also interesting people that you will enjoy having a conversation with. You can read more about our teachers here.

Our Students:

We have students from around the world: Brazil, Spain, China, Russia, Mexico, Angola, France, Italy, Japan and many other countries. Our students are pilots, doctors, programmers, entrepreneurs and come from many other backgrounds. Our students have had great success because of their English. You can read more about them here.

The first class is totally free, we don’t even take your payment information! So there is no risk in trying a class with us to see if our online English courses via Skype are right for you.

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