Executive English Course

A 10-hour course focused on English speaking, listening and reading skills for business executives.

In this 10-hour executive English course, you will complete five units of lessons that build work-related and general fluency skills.

Each unit starts with a skills-based lesson and finishes with a theme-based lesson tied to the skills just learned. Since emphasis is placed on building oral fluency, you will learn vocabulary and grammar that allow you to convey exactly what you mean. Each unit offers a variety of activities that allow you to engage in real and authentic discussions with your teachers. You will speak most of the time and receive helpful corrective feedback on your English.

By the end of the course, you will be able to make small talk and open meetings. In addition to this, you will have learned and used 200+ new vocabulary words and expressions and 20+ grammar features. Most importantly, your spoken English will have improved immensely. All of the lessons were written by our knowledgeable and friendly team, and articles featured in the theme-based lessons were selected from frequently visited business websites. Questions? Contact us at educate@loienglish.com.

Introductory Price is $229.91 for ten 55 minute classes.

All classes are individual. You choose the day, time and teacher. 

Already a student? Ask your teacher to do the executive English classes with you.

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