Want to Improve Your English Writing Skills?

Try Our New English Writing Courses

LOI English is now offering intensive English writing courses. Here’s what you get:

  • A teacher contacts you to learn your level, and what topics may be best for your writing exercise, then creates a writing exercise that is individual for you.
  • You write four paragraphs (about 500 words) for the writing exercise, then send them to the teacher.
  • The teacher corrects the writing exercise, returns it to you, and arranges a live, 25-minute class to discuss the corrections.
  • You re-write the original text, using the corrections from the teacher, then return the exercise to the teacher for final review.
  • The teacher does a final review of your work, then returns it to you with corrections, and arranges another 25 minute class to discuss the final corrections.

Total Price for 2 Live Classes, Corrections and Reviews: $59.99


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