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Isaac is from the USA and currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia. He has over 15 years of experience in teaching all levels of English and can help students in all areas. He also teaches the intricacies of GMAT writing, TOEFL and Cambridge exams, corporate English proficiency tests, and interview techniques.s He has helped students obtain very high scores, get into academic programs and secure promotions and jobs with international companies. He can also help students order in a restaurant, make small talk and book travel reservations. You could say he is an international teacher, having taught in Turkey, Germany and Brazil as well as in the USA. He can speak German fluently and hold a conversation in French. What he enjoys the most is teaching students from all over the world and helping them achieve their goals. He believes that hard work breeds genuine results – mixed with a dash of fun, of course!

Teaching Experience
  • Over 15 years experience teaching English.
  • Taught ESL in America, Germany, Brazil, Istanbul.
Certifications and Diplomas
  • B.A. English, Indiana University
  • Isaac has a great sense of humor.