English Listening Exercises

Work on your English Listening Skills with these Exercises

Want to improve your English listening skills? We’ve got more than 115 listening exercises here for you to practice with.

As language learners ourselves, we at LOI English feel that one of the most productive ways to improve your language skills when you are not taking live classes is working on your listening skills.

So we produce a lot of English listening exercises for our students to use. All of these exercises will have a video clip or audio clip for you to listen to, and then a comprehension exercise to test your ability to understand what is said. Almost all of them feature a native English speaker. They’re great for improving your English comprehension.

Most levels, from beginner to advanced will enjoy these exercises, although they’re probably best suited for students from intermediate to advanced level English comprehension.

English Listening Exercises

Click an exercise below to practice your English.

We hope that was helpful! Want to keep working on your English comprehension skills and improve your speaking too? Try a class with an ESL teacher. All of our teachers are native English speakers. You may also find our English idiomatic expression guide useful, as well as our phrasal verb guide.