English Conversation Classes

Take English Conversation Classes with Live Native English Speakers

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No obligation. Meet with one of our teachers live, 1-to-1 for 30 minutes.

Take English conversation classes with native English speaking teachers from the United States, Ireland and Canada, live, 1-on-1.

This is by far the best way to improve your real spoken English and listening abilities, and get to a level where you can use it in real life situations. Our teachers can have conversations about specific topics, such as business, finance, politics or travel; or, if you like, you can have normal day to day conversations about events, weather, etc. If you would like to have some grammar with your conversation, we can do that too!

english conversation classesOur English Conversation classes:

  • Your conversations will always be with a native English speaker.
  • You can choose the time, day and teacher for each class.
  • The classes are made for each student individually. They will be at your level, studying what you need and what interests you.

Our English Teachers:

Besides being native English speakers, you’ll find that they are very experienced at teaching. We have teachers who have studied linguistics, have masters degrees in education, have taught in several countries around the world. They are also interesting people that you will enjoy having a conversation with. You can read more about our teachers here.

Our English Students:

We have students from around the world: Brazil, Spain, China, Russia, Mexico, Angola, France, Italy, Japan and many other countries. Our students are pilots, doctors, programmers, entrepreneurs and come from many other backgrounds. Our students have had great success because of their English. You can read more about them here.