1 Month Boot Camp

Improve your English Speaking, Pronunciation, Conversation, Writing and Grammar Skills in 1 Month

Are you ready to give your English a workout? Join now for 1 month of LOI’s English Boot Camp.

What you get:

One month of intensive writing, conversation, pronunciation and grammar classes that will improve your English dramatically.

  • Four 55 minute conversation sessions.
  • Four 55 minute grammar intensive sessions.
  • Four 55 minute pronunciation intensive sessions.
  • A writing intensive course.

These sessions will be taught by a native English speaker via Skype. You will have 3 live classes per week. In week four, you will have an additional class to review your writing.

Whether you need to improve your English for work, a presentation or a test, this is the perfect intensive course for you. Our normal cost for the writing, grammar, pronunciation and conversation classes would be $419.99, but we have a special price of $319.99 for everything.

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